3 teams Chargers could trade Austin Ekeler to after 2023 NFL Draft

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Not much has developed on the Austin Ekeler front since the running back requested permission to seek out a trade. The 2023 NFL Draft was likely the main stalling factor as teams were not going to trade a pick in this year's draft for a veteran running back without at least seeing how the draft panned out.

Now, with the draft in the rearview, an Ekeler trade is more likely. It still is not guaranteed to happen because of Ekeler's contract demands but it is more likely after the draft. Teams will be more willing to trade future picks and there are several teams that did not land a prominent RB in the draft.

The first domino fell when the Philadelphia Eagles traded for DeAndre Swift. A similar domino could call if the Bolts find a trade they cannot say no to and have an Ekeler contingency plan. An Ekeler trade still isn't the most likely outcome for the Bolts this offseason because of all the external factors. But it definitely is possible.

3 teams that the Chargers could possibly trade Austin Ekeler to following the 2023 NFL Draft:

3. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were viewed as a dark horse team for Bijan Robinson if he fell that far with Jahmyr Gibbs seeming like a possibility to replace Ezekiel Elliott. However, when Gibbs was taken much earlier than expected it didn't leave Dallas with many options.

The team did take Deuce Vaughn in the sixth round of the draft but he is not going to be able to come in and be the RB2 right away. Thus, outside of Tony Pollard, the next best option for the Cowboys is Malik Davis or Ronald Jones.

It is more than clear that Jerry Jones is desperate to win a Super Bowl and that Mike McCarthy might be on the hot seat this season. For that reason, both parties have the motivation to go out and make a bold move and trade for a rental in Ekeler.

This would give the team a dynamic running back duo once more with Ekeler and Pollard and in a wide-open NFC, that offensive firepower could be enough to make a deep run. That is what the Cowboys would be selling themselves on, at least.