3 signings Chargers must make after trading Keenan Allen

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Chargers must sign Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire probably is not high on the list of preferred targets for most Chargers fans but there would be value in adding him to the offense. Edwards-Helaire has been disappointing on the Kansas City Chiefs and he saw his playing time dwindle as a result. That being said, the Chargers would present a different situation and there is still value in CEH's game.

The Chargers need to rebuild the running back room and the team started that process by signing Gus Edwards. Edwards is a great start but he is not enough by himself to create the vision that Greg Roman likely has in mind.

Los Angeles is almost certainly going to draft a running back in the middle rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft in order to supplement the room even further. Even that is not enough, though, as the third running back on the depth chart would still be Isaiah Spiller.

The Chargers would benefit from adding one more back with NFL experience to the fold, particularly one that has pass-catching ability. Herbert is losing his favorite check-down target in Austin Ekeler, so adding someone who can catch passes is a must.

That is why Edwards-Helaire may make sense on an extremely cheap deal with the Chargers. He doesn't have to be the primary ball-carrier and could even be the RB3 on the depth chart in that regard. But at the very least, he can be a pass-catching threat that Herbert can rely on.