3 signings Chargers must make after trading Keenan Allen

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The LA Chargers traded Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears and it drastically changed the outlook of the rest of the offseason. Not only do the Chargers have a glaring hole at the wide receiver position, but the team now has newfound cap space to spend.

Los Angeles has about $22.2 million in effective cap space to spend this offseason, per Daniel Popper of The Athletic. This factors in both the upcoming draft class pool and an in-season budget. With $22.2 million to spend, the Chargers can sign a handful of free agents.

Now that the move is official and the heartbreak is starting to fade, it is time for Chargers fans to look toward what is next with this newfound spending space.

Chargers must sign Bradley Bozeman

The Chargers need to add a new starting center this offseason and the best way to go about it is to add a cost-effective veteran as well as a rookie in the middle rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft. While there are some exciting center prospects in this year's draft class, the Chargers would benefit from a veteran presence to lead the way.

Bradley Bozeman is the most obvious center that the Chargers can sign because of his time spent with the Baltimore Ravens. Joe Hortiz and Jim Harbaugh have proven this offseason that existing ties matter and that could be the clinching factor in getting Bozeman on the roster.

Bozeman does not count towards the compensatory pick formula since he was released by the Carolina Panthers and he has positional flexibility as well. The veteran lineman also has experience playing guard, which makes him more valuable in case the Chargers need to shift him over for whatever reason.