Sean Payton's latest Broncos rant is comedy gold for Chargers fans

Sean Payton is really setting himself up to be the butt of the joke in six months.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout most of the 2022 season, the possibility of Sean Payton replacing Brandon Staley hung over the LA Chargers and the fanbase. Staley was having an up-and-down season as head coach and Payton was making it pretty obvious via the media that the Chargers were his preferred coaching destination.

Many thought Payton was well on his way to LA after the Chargers blew a 27-0 lead in the playoffs but it was not meant to be. The Chargers stuck with Staley made coaching changes around him, and the Denver Broncos picked up the tab of trading for Payton and making him the team's next head coach.

Payton enters a much-less favorable situation in Denver with a quarterback who is regressing coming off of a year that was a massive disappointment. Many Broncos fans think Payton will be the team's savior, even if he alone is not going to be able to fix the team's problems.

But don't tell Payton that, because he has made it very obvious how he feels about this upcoming season. Payton told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that he is going to be very angry if the Broncos miss the playoffs and even made sure to take a massive shot at the coach he replaced, Nathaniel Hackett.

Ouch. At least have a bit more subtlety.

Sean Payton is setting himself up to be a laughing stock for Chargers fans

This is the kind of quote that is going to be on Old Takes Exposed in six months if Denver misses the playoffs. Outside of the Chargers making the playoffs and winning it all, there is nothing that Chargers fans should be rooting for more than a disastrous season for the Denver Broncos.

Because if the Broncos miss the playoffs again (and don't really improve) what does that make Payton? Does that mean he also is a horrible head coach like Hackett? Will he tuck his tail between his legs and leave another team because they weren't pre-built to win a Super Bowl?

Or (and this is more realistic) will all the blame be put on Wilson? Don't get us wrong, Wilson is past his prime and was pretty horrible last season. While he is a big reason to blame, isn't Payton supposed to be the offensive genius that makes Wilson better? If that doesn't happen, what does that mean for Payton?

Regardless, this quote is hilarious now for Chargers fans and is going to be even funnier if the Broncos naturally miss the playoff yet again. Fans should put this one in the chamber to fire back at Broncos fans in January if they only have six wins.