3 running backs the Chargers could bring in amidst Austin Ekeler's injury

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The Chargers did nothing to add to the running back room in the offseason and it is already starting to show. Austin Ekeler missed the second game of the season with an ankle injury and the team seemingly doesn't trust Isaiah Spiller, leaving Joshua Kelley with an undrafted rookie in Elijah Dotson.

Establishing the run and adding that wrinkle to the offense is very important for head coach Brandon Staley and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. If Ekeler is going to miss a sustained time due to injury then the team is going to have to add external help to keep itself from falling behind.

As of right now, it is unclear how long Ekeler will be out. Ekeler's injury was hardly reported on leading into Week 2 and Staley offered a bleak update about Ekeler's timeline. It might be time to go out and get help and there are some options for the Bolts.

3 running backs the Chargers could add amidst Austin Ekeler's injury:

1. Cam Akers

Brandon Staley has shown no hesitation in bringing in former Rams in the past and this could be a situation in which he reunites with a familiar face to help all parties. Despite being undeniably talented, Akers simply hasn't been able to find his footing with the Rams.

It has been an ugly relationship for Akers and the Rams. If there was ever a running back who could benefit from a change of scenery it is Akers. With relatively low miles on his legs as well as the talent to be successful, Akers could really become a key member of the Chargers' rushing attack.

The Rams are reportedly exploring a potential trade and the cost would not be much for the Chargers. Akers is only going to get a sixth-round pick at most on the trade market. In reality, Akers is probably available for a seventh-round pick.

The Chargers have an additional seventh to trade via the Dustin Hopkins trade and the team has showcased the willingness to just throw those picks away in the past (none of the last three seventh-round picks are on the roster). Why not take a flier and trade it for Akers?