3 recent draft picks the Chargers gave up on way too soon

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The LA Chargers are entering a new era with a new regime calling the shots but the effects of the previous front office are still being felt. Tom Telesco was not the best at building out deep rosters, oftentimes because the team would miss on so many picks in the NFL Draft.

Most of these misses were simply a result in the Chargers drafting the wrong prospects. However, some of the misses boiled down to a failed opportunity. Whether it be because of the coaching staff or because the leash was too short, there are several recent Chargers draft picks that could've been so much more than they were.

Guys like Kyzir White and Drue Tranquill left in free agency to pursue better opportunities than they had in LA. As egregious as those examples are, there are other recent draft picks where the Chargers seemingly gave up on the player for absolutely no reason.

Chargers gave up too soon on Joe Reed

The Chargers double-dipped at wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft, first taking Joe Reed in the fifth round. Reed was an exciting selection as in addition to his special teams ability, he really looked like he could be a gadget-play receiver that added a new wrinkle to the offense.

Reed was essentially Derius Davis long before Davis was ever drafted by the Chargers. The former Virginia receiver was not the same athletically as Davis, but if used properly, Reed could have had a similar impact on special teams and on offense as Davis has had thus far.

The problem is it never really worked out for Reed. He was not the instant contributor on special teams that the Chargers were hoping for and having a different offensive coordinator his sophomore year did not help. Sprinkle in an injury that sidelined him and Reed never really got a sustained chance to prove his worth.

Ultimately, the Chargers cut Reed before the end of his rookie contract and it is a shame. There is a world in which Reed stays healthy, doesn't undergo coaching changes, and becomes a quality depth part of the rotation.