3 recent Chargers draft picks who might be done in the NFL

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Justin Jackson, Denzel Perryman
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3. Justin Jackson

This might seem like a curveball considering Justin Jackson is entering free agency for the first time in his career and is still relatively young. After all, he was just taken in the 2018 NFL Draft. It is not like he is an aging back with plenty of miles on his legs and not much left in the gas tank.

The concern with Jackson's NFL career at this point in time is what team is going to want to sign an out-of-house running back that has not been consistent in his NFL career. Yes, Jackson has had some really great moments with the LA Chargers but every depth running back has great moments. If the Chargers were not going to re-sign him it seemed unlikely that another team would.

Of course, there is still plenty of time for a team to sign him to a practice squad and his best hope for another NFL job is someone getting hurt and him becoming an emergency signing. But then again, with Jackson not being the most reliable injury-wise, teams may instead turn to another depth option with similar value.

If Jackson never plays another NFL game it would be a real shame. He has the skill set to be a valuable dual-threat rotational back but just has not been able to stay on the field consistently enough to see his abilities shine through. Personally, I would much rather have him as the RB3 than either Joshua Kelley or Larry Rountree but if the Bolts wanted to bring him back they already would have.

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Hopefully, Jackson gets another shot in the league, whether it be with the LA Chargers or another team. Things are not looking promising, though.