3 recent Chargers draft picks who might be done in the NFL

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The LA Chargers have not had the best track record when it comes to drafting later in the NFL Draft. Granted, it is expected that late-round picks will have a much smaller impact than earlier picks but the Bolts have struggled to fill out depth because of this issue.

The last two years have been much more promising for the Chargers but there are still a lot of swings and misses in recent years. There are only three players from the 2013-2017 drafts that signed a second contract with the Bolts.

Most of the players that did not re-sign with the team either saw their NFL careers end right away or signed a contract with another team. Some of those players are hitting the end of their NFL roads this offseason as their NFL careers are likely over.

Here are 3 recent Chargers draft picks who might be done in the NFL:

1. Sam Tevi

Sam Tevi was selected in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the LA Chargers. Tevi was not a great option when it came to being a starting tackle but he was a decent option in being a depth swing tackle. He could play on both sides of the line and was fine in doing so, in small spurts.

Tevi was not re-signed after the 2020 season as the Chargers looked to completely rebuild the offensive line and just two years later it is safe to say that they have mostly done that. Tevi instead signed with the Indianapolis Colts but did not play a game.

Tevi tore his ACL before the season began and his one-year contract with the team has since expired. Coming off of a torn ACL and not really having that much value to start with, no team has signed Tevi and it is hard to imagine him being signed at this point.

Maybe he can be an emergency signing for a team similar to Michael Schofield for the Chargers this past season but that is a big maybe. Tevi may have played his last game in the NFL.