3 reasons the Chargers should fire Brandon Staley (and 2 reasons why they might not)

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The Chargers should fire Brandon Staley because of the candidates to replace him

It is all about timing in the NFL and many would argue that the time is right to fire Brandon Staley. If there weren't many excited head coaching candidates for the 2024 offseason then it would make sense for the Bolts to roll with Staley for one more year instead of committing to four more years of bad coaching (which is how we are in this mess to begin with).

But that is not the case this offseason. There are legitimate head coaching candidates to be excited about and that only hurts Staley's case. Granted, no hire can be made with 100% certainty, but there are two prominent names that will dominate the coaching market.

The first is Jim Harbaugh, who has been flirting with an NFL return for years now and has connections to the organization. If there was ever a job for Harbaugh to take to come back to the NFL, it would be the Chargers' job so he can coach Justin Herbert.

There is also Ben Johnson, who has reinvented the Detroit Lions offense and has been a driving force for why the Lions are a playoff team. Johnson would be a first-time head coach, though, and that does worry some fans. But the things he could do with Herbert would be incredible.

Then there is even the dark horse option of Bill Belichick. This writer doesn't love the idea of trading capital for a 71-year-old head coach but hey, there is no denying that he is a prominent coach that is better than Staley.