5 reasons the Chargers will beat the Jets on Monday Night Football

New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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4. The Jets barely scraped by the Giants last week

They seem to happen on a weekly basis. Those being what I like to call the "bounce-back" and the "come-down."

If you win your game close in one week, to a point where many would wonder how you held on, the next week fortune won't be as much on your side and you'll lose (come down).

If you lose by the same method, the next week you'll come back and make amends (bounce back).

It's not a perfect system. It doesn't happen all the time. Maybe not even half of the time. But it happens enough to where it's noticeable.

In Week 7, for example, we saw the Saints lose a heartbreaker to the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football. Foster Moreau dropped the game-tying touchdown that was in his hands and the Jags came out of there with the razor-thin victory. The next week, the Saints came back and blasted the Colts 38-27.

Week 7 again, the Browns beat the Colts on the goal line on fourth down, with some help from the refs. The next week, they came back and blew a fourth-quarter lead to the Seahawks in the final seconds.

The Patriots pulled off a massive upset of the Bills in the final seconds of Week 7 and then came back in Week 8 to get blown out of the water by the Dolphins. The Bills, conversely, lost that Pats game close and then wound up surviving a Hail Mary from the Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football of the very next week.

The Steelers got help from the refs to beat the Rams in Week 7 and then got the short end of the stick from the refs in Week 8 against the Jaguars.

These are just a few examples. I could go on with this for hours. The point is in the NFL, what goes up must come down, and vice-versa. That is just the flow of how the schedule works. Teams win close one week and lose that fortune the next week.

We're seeing a Jets team on Monday night that just barely got by the New York Giants. Big Blue was inches from salting that game away. Next thing you know, Brian Daboll elects to kick a field goal, Graham Gano misses it, Zach Wilson miraculously gets the Jets into field goal range, and they tie it up for overtime. From there, the Jets make a stop and put the game away with another field goal.

Fortune was on the Jets' side last week.

I think they're ripe for a "come-down" performance this time around.