5 realistic centers the Chargers can add to replace Corey Linsley

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Chargers could sign Mitch Morse (assuming he is cut)

The free-agent center market is not that plentiful this offseason and there really are not any options that are currently on the market that make sense for the Chargers. The talented options are going to cost too much and the Chargers don't have the luxury of taking a risk on a very cheap signing.

The one happy medium that the Chargers could find is a potential cap casualty who can still play at a serviceable level. That is exactly what Mitch More could be for the team. Morse would be a step down from Linsley but he would be a huge step up from Will Clapp and can still play at a Pro Bowl level (as evident by his 2022 season).

The Buffalo Bills enter the offseason well over the salary cap. Morse has become one of the favorites to be a cap casualty as cutting him before June 1 would free $8.5 million in cap space. That is the second-most the Bills can save on a cap casualty this offseason, only trailing Rasul Douglas ($9.9 million).

Buffalo is in a realistic position to release Morse and target Jackson-Powers in the first round. This could benefit the Chargers, as they would bring in a seasoned veteran who isn't over-the-hill yet. There are no other options that come with this level of experience, which is what the Chargers might need with all the youth on the offensive line.

Morse wouldn't come at a league minimum deal but the Chargers could likely sign him to a three-year, $15 million contract that has a lesser cap hit in year one. That would lock the 2022 Pro Bowler down through his age-34 season.

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