5 realistic centers the Chargers can add to replace Corey Linsley

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Chargers could trade back to draft Jackson Powers-Johnson

Oregon's Jackson Powers-Johnson is the best center prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft and very early on in the draft process, it looked like he could be in play for the 37th pick. Center don't traditionally have as much draft value as other offensive line positions so while Powers-Johnson was a great prospect, his position may have led to him falling to the Bolts.

That now seems impossible. Powers-Johnson's draft stock has shot to the moon during draft preparations and this is before the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine may only help the Oregon center, who might go as high as the teens with how this is going.

Powers-Johnson is that good. Everyone knew he was the best center prospect in this draft class but what people didn't realize before is that he might be the best center prospect to come out of the draft in quite some time. He would instantly be able to take over for Linsley in LA and would be a foundational piece of the Chargers offensive line for years to come.

The problem is that the Chargers have the fifth pick and that is way too high to take a center. Some are pushing back at the idea of taking a tight end that early because of positional value. Just imagine if they took a center.

However, the Chargers could get the best of both worlds and trade back in the draft to take Powers-Johnson. Heck, with how the Chargers are picking, the team could move back twice and look to take the Oregon center in the mid-teens if possible.

Of course, then the Chargers would have to address other needs with those added picks the team acquired and the team would also have to be okay with not drafting Brock Bowers or Malik Nabers. But if there are second and third-round receivers and tight ends the team loves then this path becomes more likely.