Why re-signing Jalen Guyton will not change the Chargers' draft strategy at WR

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A look to the Jalen Guyton's future

The makeup of the Chargers' receiver room is going to look different in 2024 one way or another. There's a pretty strong likelihood that one of Allen or Williams isn't back based on their cap situation with the 2023 restructures. Guyton himself will enter free agency in a potentially more favorable market if he has a better year coming back from injury.

If the Chargers want to secure a future WR1 or WR2 in this draft, Guyton's not stopping them. My claim was the same even when the Chargers decided to not to release Keenan Allen and floated extending him a few months ago. If LA wants more speed, dynamism in their offense, or simply an efficient receiver on a cheap contract, they have to take one.

The name of the game in this draft should also be loading up on rookie contracts at skill positions, including wide receiver. A four-year contract or four + fifth-year option is just so advantageous to a contending team near the cap. It would especially help a team if say hypothetically they were about to make their quarterback the top earner in the league.

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