Why re-signing Jalen Guyton will not change the Chargers' draft strategy at WR

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This is probably a recovery season for Jalen Guyton

Unfortunately, the last action Guyton saw last season was when he tore his ACL against the Jaguars in late September. About seven months removed now, GM Tom Telesco said that both he and cornerback J.C. Jackson are still effectively in recovery mode.

At this stage, my guess would be that Guyton is ready for week one, although that's not a certainty. There's also a possibility it takes him a few weeks into the season to get where he needs to be. Even assuming that he's ready to go as early as August, it traditionally takes players a full extra year after a torn ACL to get back to where they were athletically.

Guyton's main trait that makes him dangerous is his speed. If he's even a few seconds off from that that 4.39 40 type speed he's shown in his career, it would certainly make an impact on his game. Given the likelihood that he may not be quite the Guyton we've become accustomed to, his return doesn't take a receiver in the draft off the table.