Ranking the top 5 Chargers quarterbacks of all time

The Chargers have had some all-time great quarterbacks in franchise history
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Greatest Chargers quarterbacks: 3. Stan Humphries

Was Stan Humphries a more talented quarterback than Justin Herbert? Absolutely not. If you put Humphries at his best on the 2022 Chargers with all the injuries that they sustained then the team probably would have won seven games at most.

Heck, Humphries doesn't even have the advantage of having more counting stats than Herbert. Herbert already has more passing touchdowns than Humphries despite playing in 30 fewer games. Humphries still has the edge in passing yards but that is going to change after the 2023 season.

So why does Humphries rank ahead of Herbert on the all-time list? Simple: he has accomplished something that no other quarterback in franchise history has done. Humphries was under center for the Bolts in the team's lone Super Bowl appearance against the San Fransico 49ers.

Granted, Humphries didn't necessarily have the best game in the AFC Championship to get the Chargers to that point but he did throw the only two touchdowns of the game. Humphries was never a Pro Bowler, never threw for 20 touchdowns and never won a playoff game after making the Super Bowl.

But like it or not, he is the only quarterback to play in the big game and until Herbert wins one playoff game, he is going to rank behind him.