Ranking the top 5 Chargers quarterbacks of all time

The Chargers have had some all-time great quarterbacks in franchise history

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Chargers greatest quarterbacks: 4. Justin Herbert

Younger fans would undoubtedly have Justin Herbert higher on this list than No. 4. There are probably a lot of fans that were taken aback by him ranking so low on this list with how well he has played in his three years in the NFL.

If anything, the fact that Herbert even cracked the top five should be celebrated. To do so after just three years in the NFL, without a playoff win for the team yet, is quite an accomplishment. To rank ahead of the third-best quarterback in terms of output in franchise history is also an achievement in itself.

The justification for ranking Herbert this high is simple: he might be the most talented player to ever take a snap at quarterback for the Chargers. The game is different now and the Chargers' usage of Herbert is even high in today's game but he can still do things that other QBs on this list can't.

Herbert already has the best season in franchise history as he broke multiple franchise records in his sophomore season. With his two injuries from 2022 behind him, Herbert might break those records that he established in 2023.

Herbert will undoubtedly climb on this list and if he wins a Super Bowl as early as 2023 then he might shoot all the way up to one as he would have accomplished something no other QB could. As it stands right now, Herbert checks in at No. 4.