Ranking the top 5 Chargers quarterbacks of all time

The Chargers have had some all-time great quarterbacks in franchise history
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Despite never winning a Super Bowl, the LA Chargers have one of the most impressive list of quarterbacks in franchise history. There have been some pretty awful ones (looking at you, Ryan Leaf) but for the most part, the quarterback position has been stable for the Bolts.

Coming up with a top-five quarterbacks list in franchise history is a lot easier to do with the Chargers than other teams simply because there are fewer candidates. However, there are still some surprises on the list, as well as some quarterbacks that younger fans might not be familiar with.

The two greatest quarterbacks in franchise history are painfully obvious, but who ranks where is less obvious. With that in mind, let's dive into the five greatest quarterbacks in Chargers franchise history.

Chargers greatest quarterbacks: 5. John Hadl

John Hadl ranks third in franchise history in passing touchdowns, passing yards and games started. If we wanted to be lazy, we would just rank him third as there are only two players in franchise history that have done more in total than Hadl.

That being said, Hadl was simply the Chargers quarterback for over a decade and that is how he was able to rack up so many counting stats. In the grand scheme, Hadl wasn't that great of a quarterback as his completion percentage was barely over 50% and he nearly threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

Granted, the game was different back then but it would be a disservice to rank Hadl above the other quarterbacks on this list simply because he spent a decent amount of time under center with the competition wasn't very good.