Ranking the top 5 Chargers running backs of all time

No. 1 is pretty obvious, but what about the rest of the top five?

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Greatest Chargers running backs of all time: 1. LaDainian Tomlinson

I mean, this is the most obvious No. 1 for any position in franchise history. If you clicked on this article and made it all the way through you weren't doing so to see who No. 1 was because you already knew who it was. You probably wanted to see who got the honor of being No. 2, or were curious where Austin Ekeler ended up.

LaDainian Tomlinson isn't just the greatest running back in franchise history but he is one of the greatest running backs of all time. It is hard to make a Mount Rushmore of the position without including LT as he has arguably the greatest single season for a running back in league history.

The 2006 season was special. There has not been a season like it since for any individual offensive player in the sport. Sure, there have been some elite quarterback seasons but nobody has been so far ahead of the pack as Tomlinson was in 2006.

It wasn't just an elite statistical season, though. It was a very important cultural season for the fanbase and one that means a lot to the current fanbase. Ask any Chargers fan under the age of 30 about their fandom and the first thing they will mention is that magical 2006 season with LT leading the way.

He is the greatest running back in franchise history and we here at Bolt Beat can confidently say that there will not be another player in franchise history that comes close to replicating what LT has done.