Ranking every Chargers head coach since the turn of the century

The Chargers have had a lot of head coaches since 2000. Which can be considered the best?

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5. Mike McCoy - 27-37, one playoff appearance

Mike McCoy and his visor will haunt Chargers fans for quite some time. Taking over for Norv Turner after the 2012 season, McCoy was touted as this great offensive mind that would help the Chargers regain their form as one of the best offensive teams in the league.

That is not what happened in the slightest as McCoy's tenure with the team was arguably the worst offensive stretch of Philip Rivers' career with the Bolts. It started off fine with the Bolts ranking 12th in the league in points in McCoy's first year and that only went down each season he was head coach.

Granted, McCoy didn't have the best talent on the roster as there were some really bad offensive line groups as well as some pretty thin receiving corps that Rivers had to throw to. But McCoy didn't do anything in his job to maximize the talent the Chargers had.

Yet despite all this, McCoy still somehow found himself in the NFL Playoffs in his first year at the helm in 2013. The 9-7 Chargers not only squeaked into the playoffs but beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card Round. The following year the Chargers started 5-1 before going 4-6 in the last 10 to miss the playoffs and in McCoy's final year, the team put up a feeble 4-12 record.