Ranking every Chargers head coach since the turn of the century

The Chargers have had a lot of head coaches since 2000. Which can be considered the best?

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The LA Chargers have not had a lot of success overall as a franchise. The team has just one Super Bowl appearance and has made the playoffs 20 times in franchise history. That is tied for 20th in NFL history with five of the 12 teams below the Chargers at least winning a Super Bowl.

That being said, the 2000s have been better to the Chargers than previous stretches of time. The best team in franchise history took the field in 2006 (albeit falling short in the playoffs). Of the franchise's 20 playoff berths, eight have come in the last 22 years.

There were still some really bad stretches during the 2000s, which has led to six different men becoming the head coach of the Chargers. It is only fitting to rank them against each other.

Ranking every Chargers head coach since the turn of the century:

6. Mike Riley - 14-34 record, zero playoff appearances

Mike Riley ushered in the new millennium as the head coach of the Chargers and was coming off of a promising 8-8 season in 1999. However, that .500 season would end up being the best that Riley had to offer as the next two seasons were a disaster.

The Chargers had the worst season in franchise history the following year, going 1-15 in 2001. The team took a step in the right direction the following year with a 5-11 record but it was still enough to get Riley fired after three years at the helm.

It was an uphill battle for Riley as he had to find a way to win games with Ryan Leaf, which obviously was very hard to do in 2000. But at the end of the day, he still gets the honor of being the worst head coach since 2000.