Ranking each prospect the Chargers could draft with the 5th pick

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1. Chargers draft Marvin Harrison Jr.

I mean, it is pretty obvious that this is the best thing that can happen to the Chargers. As great as Nabers would be (and every fan should be over the moon to get a receiver like him), there is no denying that Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best wide receiver in this draft class.

Harrison isn't just the best receiver in this class but he is one of the best receivers to come into the league in recent draft history. Very few receivers have come into the league this polished and this productive and it is a testament to how truly special Harrison is as a prospect.

Any buzz around Nabers leap-frogging Harrison in the draft order is simply because we are at the point in the calendar where pundits get bored of their draft takes and need to change it up. Nabers would be the WR1 in most other classes, yes, but this year he is also going up against one of the best prospects in recent years.

The Chargers almost had the chance to take Harrison without any extra strings attached. If Matt Prater doesn't miss a game-winning field goal for the Cardinals in Week 18 then the Chargers would have gotten the fourth pick and a chance to draft Harrison.

Instead, it all hinges on what the Cardinals do. If Arizona trades back with a team like the Vikings then the Chargers will be able to draft Harrison. Or there is even the chance that the Cardinals shock the world and actually take Nabers over Harrison.

But if it actually came down to a decision between Harrison and Nabers then it would be an easy call. Nabers would be the pick, without a doubt.