Ranking each prospect the Chargers could draft with the 5th pick

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3. Chargers trade down from the fifth pick

This technically isn't a prospect that the Chargers can take with the fifth pick but it is one of the most talked-about possibilities for the Bolts this year. This is such a quarterback-heavy draft class and with the New York Giants looming one spot behind the Chargers, the fifth pick becomes a key spot for quarterback-hungry teams to trade up to.

The most talked-about package is with the Minnesota Vikings, who hold both the 11th and 23rd picks in the first round. Based on the Chargers' recent prospect visits, the team is at least considering a move like this as it has met with players who should be taken around the 11th pick.

On paper and in most cases, it makes sense to trade down and accumulate more draft capital. However, the Chargers have the opportunity to draft a truly franchise-altering player with the fifth pick and those chances don't come around very often.

As crazy as it sounds, one franchise-altering player can still be far more impactful than drafting two decent players later in the first round. Yes, the Chargers have lacked in depth in the past, but this is a new front office that can build up depth in other ways. The team does not have to trade down to build up depth.

There are two legitimate franchise wide receiver prospects in this year's draft class. Considering the Chargers have one of the worst WR rooms in the sport, it is imperative that the Bolts capitalize on the chance to land a franchise guy.