Ranking the top 10 Chargers from the 2022 regular season

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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Chargers No. 1 on defense: Derwin James

I really did think about putting Drue Tranquill first over Derwin James only because of the few games that James missed this season. James is the better all-around player as he is a true superstar but Tranquill was extremely durable during a year in which everyone seemingly got hurt.

However, it is hard to deny James being ranked as the top defensive player on the Chargers for the same reason it is hard to deny the no. 1 offensive player on this list. He makes an undeniable difference to this football team and it is players like him that lead franchises to Super Bowls.

Chargers No. 1 on offense: Justin Herbert

It can't be anyone else. This was not even a great Justin Herbert season and he was still one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league. The entire reason why the Chargers are in a position to make a Super Bowl run in the first place is because of Justin Herbert.

Herbert got held back a tad this season by his own rib injury, injuries to his pass catchers and some not-so-ideal play calling. But at the end of the day, when the Chargers need him to make a play, Herbert has time and time again done things that not many can do.

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Justin Herbert is more than the face of this franchise. He is the entire heart and soul of this franchise and will always rank no. 1 on this list as long as he wears powder blue.