Ranking the 3 biggest upgrades the Chargers made this offseason

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2. Jamaree Salyer replacing Matt Feiler at guard

Salyer really stepped up for the Chargers in 2022 and was arguably the unsung hero of the entire team. If the sixth-round pick did not fill in for Slater and play as well as he did at left tackle then the season really could have unraveled and the Chargers could have missed the playoffs entirely.

Meanwhile, Matt Feiler provided a consistent, albeit mediocre, presence at left guard for the Bolts. Feiler was not as good as he was in 2021 but he was not awful, either. But with Salyer emerging as a legitimate starting option and Feiler having a cuttable contract, the future became very obvious.

Feiler was a cap casualty that ended up signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Salyer has officially been given a starting spot on the offensive line at guard. It does appear the Chargers are going to flip the guards around and put Zion Johnson at left guard and Salyer at right guard but he is still essentially replacing Feiler.

There is simply more potential with Salyer starting over Feiler. Feiler is past his prime and his arrow is pointing down in the NFL. That is simply how it is. Meanwhile, Salyer thrived at tackle and could have even more success at guard with his arrow pointing directly up.

The Chargers' starting offensive line is locked in for the next three years and it is a good one at that. This has not been the case for the team since the mid-2000s. Salyer is going to play a key role in that.