Ranking all of the Chargers offseason moves by impact

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Khalil Mack
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4. Bolstering the Interior Defensive Line

When you looked at the Chargers' defense last year, there was always one huge problem - stopping the run. After allowing Rex Burkhead to run all over the defense at the end of the season, shoring up the run defense was a big priority going into the next season.

Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson are two very good defensive tackles that can make a significant impact on the line. Having impressive run stoppers, as well as the ability for them to get to the quarterback will free up double teams that get put on outside rushers like Joey Bosa, as well as the number three player on this list, Khalil Mack.

3. Trading for Khalil Mack

One of the biggest signings that started this free agency, trading for Khalil Mack created a lot of hype around Los Angeles. Another player who has played in Staley's system, Mack is poised to return from an injury that sidelined him for the end of last season.

Coming back to the AFC West is something Mack is probably looking forward to. Getting to face the team that drafted him two times a year is going to be an exciting storyline to keep an eye on. Not just that, but every divisional game is almost a must-win if the Chargers want to win the AFC West for the first time since 2009.

Khalil Mack is the final piece that the defensive line needed. Having Joey Bosa opposite of Mack will remove a lot of double teams from both superstars, which will turn to a lot of sacks and quarterback pressures all game long. The ability that the defensive line has this year for the Chargers is going to be something a lot of teams will be tracking and studying when they have to face Staley's team this season.