Ranking Chargers' last 10 first-round draft picks

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2. Rashawn Slater, 2021 NFL Draft

Some would rank James ahead of Rashawn Slater as he has done more in the NFL considering he was drafted three years before Slater. That being said, finding a true franchise left tackle is really hard to do and the Chargers did just that with Slater.

Slater fell to the 13th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and the Chargers couldn't have made an easier selection. Nobody expected Slater to fall that far in the draft as it truly was a gift that the Chargers were able to select him.

Slater did miss his nearly his entire sophomore season with injury and he was not as good in 2023 as he battled through an ankle injury. But with a clean bill of health, and a new coaching staff, it looks very likely that Slater will be a first-team All-Pro in 2024.

1. Justin Herbert, 2020 NFL Draft

It couldn't have been anyone else. The entire reason why the Chargers have Super Bowl expectations in the next half-decade (and the entire reason why the team was able to hire Jim Harbaugh) is because of Justin Herbert.

Herbert is a bona fide franchise quarterback and is one of the five-best (at worst) at the position in the sport. Herbert has been great from the moment he was thrust into a starting spot and he has elevated a Chargers team that has been downright awful around him.

Hopefully, the Chargers can finally put the right building blocks around him for success in this new regime. If they do, the Chargers will have their best chance at winning a Super Bowl since 2006.