Ranking Chargers' Justin Herbert and the 32 best quarterbacks after 2022

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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20. Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

  • Preseason ranking: NR

Deshaun Watson certainly has the talent to be a top-10 quarterback in the NFL, he just did not show that in 2022. Watson went almost two years without playing in an NFL game and it definitely showed as he was not the same quarterback that he was before.

He too should climb this list next season once he has a full offseason behind him and the experience from this year. However, it is impossible to rank him any higher at this point in time.

19. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Preseason ranking: 9

A lot of Broncos fans called us crazy for ranking Russell Wilson ninth in our preseason rankings. To them, we were just bitter Chargers fans who were upset to see Wilson in the AFC West. In reality, we were ahead of the curve and might have ranked him too high.

Maybe Sean Payton will be able to help Wilson turn around his career trajectory or maybe he will be the dagger to Wilson's career. If Payton cannot save him then his days as a good NFL quarterback are over.

18. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Preseason ranking: 31

Daniel Jones had much better coaching around him than Russell Wilson last season but he also did not have nearly the amount of offensive talent that Wilson had. Despite that, Jones had a far more productive year in helping his team win football games.

The ugly side of Jones still came out in the playoffs against the Eagles but for the first time in his career, there was actually some promise there in his play. I doubt he will ever be a truly great quarterback but he definitely can be good.

17. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

  • Preseason ranking: 10

Kyler Murray is another quarterback that desperately needs to turn it around in 2023. Unlike Wilson, Murray has age on his side and if the Cardinals make the right hire then we could see Murray catapult back into being a top-10 QB.

However, Murray did tear his ACL late in the season against the New England Patriots. This could delay his return back to action and may fundamentally change who he is as a QB.