Ranking the first-round tight end options for the Chargers

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1. Dalton Kincaid, Utah

It may not be the popular opinion among Chargers fans or draft analysts but Utah's Dalton Kincaid would be the best natural fit on the LA Chargers next season and beyond. If the team is looking for a pass-catching threat that can play alongside Gerald Everett and start at tight end following that then Kincaid is the man.

Kincaid definitely has the highest ceiling as a pass-catcher of the three first-round tight ends. With the Chargers running a vertical offense with an elite quarterback that naturally makes him the best fit. Getting Herbert a new safety outlet with the athleticism and consistency of Kincaid would do wonders for this offense.

He also is the worst blocker of the three but it seems like that part of his game has been overstated. Kincaid can still hold his own as a blocker and once he gets in an NFL weight room with NFL coaching he is going to make strides in that department.

Just because Kincaid is worse than Mayer and Washington when it comes to blocking does not mean he is an awful blocker. NFL fans are getting those two things mixed up.

The 21st overall pick might seem a bit rich for Kincaid but the board is really going to open up after the first 15-18 picks. Every team is going to have a different board and the difference between the 21st-ranked prospect and the 34th-ranked prospect really is not that high.

With Kincaid ranking 27th on the Consensus NFL Draft Big Board, there is hope that the Chargers can land him AND an extra pick later in the draft.

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