Ranking the first-round tight end options for the Chargers

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2. Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

Many people consider Michael Mayer as the best tight end in the loaded class this year and you are not necessarily wrong if you have that belief. Mayer is a very exciting prospect and it is not hard to look at his all-around skillset and rank him as the TE1 in this class.

However, every team has a different board that is a mix of overall talent as well as what the team might need from a particular position. When we put those lenses on and look at the tight-end position then it is not hard to see why Mayer may rank second.

That is not to say that he wouldn't be an impact player if the Chargers were to take him. While Washington is a blocking-first tight end, Mayer is the best of the group when it comes to his blocking AND receiving ability. He may not be as great of a blocker as Washington or as dynamic of a weapon as No. 1 on this list but he is solid in both areas.

There is an added wrinkle that makes Mayer no. 2 as well. Since he is ranked by many as the best tight end in the class, the Chargers would likely have to pick him at 21 if he were to even fall to that selection.

However, the no. 1 tight end on this list theoretically opens the door for the Chargers to trade back a few spots in the draft, pick up extra capital, and still add a legitimate difference-maker that can be a strong weapon for Justin Herbert.