Ranking Chargers among potential Bill Belichick coaching destinations

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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2. Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders have the non-football advantage when it comes to Belichick. Ada Peters, who worked with Belichick in New England, is one of the finalists for the head of football operations job in Washington. That relationship could bring Belichick in, especially if Peters is willing to give him some roster control.

There is also the money aspect of all of this. Washington now has a lot of money to throw at any head coach they want and there may not be a team in the league that can match Washington salary-wise.

The only thing holding the Commanders back is the on-field aspect. There are some fun offensive pieces but the team does not have a quarterback and does not have much talent on the defensive side of the ball. With the second overall pick the Commanders have the ability to take a franchise-altering quarterback but it will take time for said QB to develop.

Nothing is a guarantee in the NFL so while the Commanders job might be great from a 10,000 foot view, Belichick is not in the position to wait four years for the team it hit its ceiling. He needs a team more equipped to win now, which leads us to the No. 1 team on this list.

1. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are the most fun team that can hire Bill Belichick and they seem like the most likely. Unless Belichick's relationship with Peters is deeper than we all can even realize, it feels like the best job for him is in Atlanta.

If there was ever a team that just needed a good coach and new quarterback to succeed it is the Falcons. Atlanta has plenty of offensive weapons to be excited about and a strong foundation on the defensive side of the ball. If Atlanta brings in the right QB, whether it be in the draft, via trade, or in free agency, then this team could be special.

Washington may have Peters to throw at Belichick and they definitely have more money. In the long run, the Commanders job might be better. But Belichick is looking to win now to eclipse that record and the path of least resistance would be to team up with a new QB and go play in the weak NFC South.

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