Ranking Chargers among potential Bill Belichick coaching destinations

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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4. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are in the running for Harbaugh and if they ultimately lose out on him to the Chargers then the team might make the next biggest splash possible and hire Belichick. In theory, this sounds like a great marriage with Tom Brady now being a minority owner in the team.

But there are two elephants in the room that would have to be addressed for this to happen. The first is the fact that Belichick is probably coming with Josh McDaniels, who was just fired by the Raiders and is hated by that locker room. Belichick probably isn't rejecting a job if he can't bring his buddy along with him, but it may make the Raiders hesitant to bring Belichick in.

The second concern is around the guy who replaced McDaniels, Antonio Pierce. Pierce really does seem to have the full support of the locker room; parting ways with him to hire McDaniels' mentor might be more destructive than positive.

3. LA Chargers

Of all the jobs available, the Chargers feel like the third most likely for Belichick. Funny enough, this might be Belichick's No. 1 option if he had his choice of the litter as the Chargers have everything that he could want.

The Chargers have a franchise quarterback he can hitch his wagon to, a general manager opening that would allow him to retain control of the roster and a lot of overpriced contracts that he can cut or trade away in his classic ruthless fashion.

The only thing Belichick has left to accomplish is the all-time wins record and the Bolts are probably the best team to do that with. All that being said, the Chargers do not seem like they will be as desperate as the other teams vying for Belichick's services. Harbaugh is their No. 1, like the Raiders, and Belichick isn't here to be a team's second option.

If it wasn't for the McDaniels part of the equation the Chargers would rank below the Raiders, even.