Ranking Chargers among potential Bill Belichick coaching destinations

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have officially agreed to part ways. With the only job that has an actual franchise quarterback, the LA Chargers are an interesting potential destination if Belichick wants to emulate his magic with Tom Brady.

There are potential concerns in hiring Belichick and the Chargers also seem to be all-in on Jim Harbaugh. In a weird twist of fate, the greatest coach in league history doesn't actually seem like he would be the Chargers' No. 1 option.

That being said, it is not hard for a team to talk itself into Belichick and the Chargers could end up doing just that. In order from least likely to most likely, let's dive into the possibility of Belichick coaching each of the six other teams that currently need a head coach.

6. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans made the shocking decision to part ways with Mike Vrabel, who is essentially trying to become the new Bill Belichick with how he is coaching. After firing Vrabel, it seems more likely that the Titans would test the waters on a young offensive-minded head coach.

Plus, Belichick would be foolish to want this job in any capacity. Sure, there is Will Levis and an aging DeAndre Hopkins on the offensive side of the ball but this Titans team has the same lack of talent that the Patriots had in the 2023 season. It would be a lateral move for both parties and that is not what either side wants.

5. Seattle Seahawks

On paper, the Seattle job makes a lot of sense for Belichick. He would be taking over a team with offensive weapons, an above-average quarterback that he can try to elevate and a defense that has been elite in the past with a fanbase that is one of the best in the sport.

If there is any team that Belichick could recreate the Patriot way with it is probably the Seahawks. That being said, Seattle obviously isn't in the business of having 70-year-old head coaches as the team parted ways with Pete Carroll.

This job seems like it is Dan Quinn's for the taking and unless Quinn doesn't want to return and there are no other options, it does not seem likely that Seattle would want Belichick.