Rams just gave the Chargers a perfect defensive back waiver addition

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The LA Chargers have dealt with more injuries than any other team in the league and any help they can get would be great. The trade deadline passed without the Bolts making a move but they could add any new releases after the deadline as long as they fit the team's scheme.

There really hasn't been anyone that has made sense for the Bolts until Tuesday when the LA Rams decided to waive 2020 third-round pick, Terrell Burgess. Burgess has not played much for the Rams, playing only 221 total defensive snaps in his NFL career thus far.

While he is not a big name and is not going to revolutionize the Chargers' secondary, he is someone who makes a lot of sense for this defense, especially with the secondary being down J.C. Jackson and not getting expected contributions from recent draft picks like Mark Webb and JT Woods.

Why Terrell Burgess makes so much sense for the LA Chargers:

The obvious connection here is with head coach Brandon Staley. Staley was the Rams' defensive coordinator when they selected Terrell Burgess in the third round out of Utah as he directly fit what Staley wanted to do with that Rams offense (and what he is trying to do with this Chargers defense).

Burgess is a versatile defensive back who can play his traditional safety but can also line up as a man-to-man slot corner. Burgess' best trait coming out of college was his man coverage and his versatility to line up around the defense to target various matchups.

The Rams really haven't utilized that part of Burgess' game and with him not being the best traditional safety option, it makes sense to waive him to make room for players that they like more. But now, they give a chance for Staley to reunite with someone he very obviously saw something in on the other Los Angeles team.

If the Chargers were getting the contributions that they expected out of the backend defensive backs on the roster then there would not really be room for Burgess. But with that not happening, the team has the motivation to take a flier on someone who, on paper, fits exactly what Staley wants to do.

The Chargers have the roster spot to add him as well as Austin Johnson was confirmed to miss the rest of the season and will be put on the Injured Reserve.

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All the stars are aligning for Burgess and Staley to reunite in Los Angeles.