Raiders superstar is paving the way for Chargers to hire Jim Harbaugh

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The biggest story as the LA Chargers prepare for a rather pointless Week 18 game against the Kansas City Chiefs is whether or not Jim Harbaugh is going to make the jump to the NFL and coach the Chargers specifically.

There are several signs that Harbaugh will return to the NFL with the goal of winning a Super Bowl. The Chargers are not the only team that is in the conversation, though, as Las Vegas Raiders fans have also convinced themselves that they could hire Harbaugh.

While Harbaugh may have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl with Justin Herbert, he does have ties to the Raiders. His first coaching gig was with the Raiders as he served as the quarterbacks coach for two seasons. Add in the fact that the Raiders haven't been shy about hiring big-name coaches and can draft Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy and there is some reason to believe that Harbaugh may go to Vegas instead.

There is one man that might be standing in the way of that happening, though. Current interim head coach Antonio Pierce has done a great job since taking over for Josh McDaniels and has to at least be considered. It isn't just that he has done well, though, it is the fact that Pierce has the support of the entire locker room.

Davante Adams is helping pave the way for Jim Harbaugh to coach the Chargers

This puts ownership in a very uncomfortable spot. Harbaugh is obviously the best name available in this coaching cycle but the Raiders might not be able to risk losing the locker room yet again in the 2024 season.

Harbaugh is obviously a winning coach and it is not like the players would revolt against him. But this team has obviously rallied around Pierce. Pierce is their guy and it might be a tough sell to bring in someone else.

Davante Adams going in front of reporters and saying this to the media is a big deal. This is not talking to reporters behind the scenes so they can report that sources inside the building want Pierce to say. This is a full public display of support for Pierce and that absolutely means something during this process.

Who knows what can happen if the Raiders ignore Adams and the more vocal leaders of the Raiders locker room. Adams has already toyed with the idea of wanting to play for another team and perhaps this would be the straw that breaks the camel's back, regardless of who the team brings in to replace Pierce.

The Chargers are simply not in this predicament and don't have to worry about how the team may respond to not giving Giff Smith a chance next season. That is yet another reason to think that the Chargers have the advantage in this head-coaching search.

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