Raiders continue sad Chargers copycat act with latest front office hire

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chargers head coach Brandon Staley and general manager Tom Telesco were fired after the team lost 63-21 to the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite being responsible for both guys losing their jobs before the season, the Raiders thought it would be best to hire Tom Telesco to be the team's next GM.

Chargers fans who had to watch Telesco run the team for the last decade celebrated this move while Raiders fans did mental gymnastics to try and justify a bad hire. Unless Telesco significantly changes who he is a general manager, the Raiders will be marred by the same mediocrity that has blanketed the Chargers since 2013.

Hiring one member of the previous Chargers regime was not enough for the Raiders, though. Telesco is also bringing JoJo Wooden to Las Vegas with him. Wooden served under Telesco in Los Angeles and was the interim GM after Telesco was let go.

Raiders continue sad Chargers copycat act with JoJo Wooden hire

This is nothing against JoJo Wooden personally, but it is rather hilarious for Chargers fans that the Raiders continue this copycat act that has been going on before Telesco even joined the team.

Former Chargers like Denzel Perryman, Brandon Facyson, Casey Hayward, Tyron Johnson, Tyrell Williams and even Jerry Tillery all went to the Raiders after they were members of the Chargers. Heck, the Raiders even hired Gus Bradley after his tenure with the Chargers ended unceremoniously.

It is not surprising that Telesco is giving one of his long-time front-office assistants a role with his new team. In fact, it would have been more shocking if Telesco didn't bring Wooden with him to the Raiders with how much they have worked together.

The shocking part is why the Raiders are committing to this bit as strongly as they are. If the Chargers were some great, well-ran team under Telesco it would be one thing. But they weren't! This is a team that made the playoffs three times in 11 years with only two playoff wins despite always having a franchise quarterback under center.

But hey, if the Raiders want to keep building the washed-up Chargers out in Las Vegas then every Bolts fan will be happy. What's next, are the Raiders going to sign Austin Ekeler to a lucrative deal in free agency?

Maybe next time these two teams meet it will be the Chargers who hand the Raiders a 63-21 loss. It would be on brand for Telesco, after all.

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