Predicting every Chargers game (with final record) after Chiefs loss

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Week 14 vs Miami Dolphins: 41-37, LOSS

The Miami Dolphins have been the most explosive offense in the entire league this season and unless the team suffers significant injuries before matching up against the Chargers, this is going to be an ugly game. The Dolphins have exactly the kind of offense that the Chargers should want to steer far from, especially with such a horrible defense.

Brandon Staley and co. should recognize this and I would expect the team to actually be aggressive this season in their play-calling decisions. The Chargers' offense (assuming Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are playing) will be able to keep the team in it against a Miami defense that does allow points.

However, at the end of the day, the Chargers' defense is simply too bad to expect them to get a stop in a track meet against this Dolphins' offense. This will look a lot like the Cleveland Browns game from 2021 with the Dolphins emerging victoriously.

Week 15 vs Tennessee Titans: 27-24, LOSS

This is going to be a coin-flip game. I know a lot of Chargers fans already expect the team to lose this matchup against the Titans but if the team is healthy, they will have the weapons to get it done. Of course, we have no way of knowing right now who will be available in this game.

The Titans have one of the best running backs of this generation in Derrick Henry and Mike Vrabel is not a coach that is going to shy away from the run. This has all the makings of being Henry's best game of the entire season and that is saying something.

The Chargers' weapons should have success against Tennessee's secondary but the big question is the pass-rush and the Chargers' offensive line. If the Chargers O-line holds up then the Chargers should be able to outscore this Titans team.

However, after watching the Chargers all season, we know better than to expect the best-case outcome for the team. This feels like a game where Justin Herbert will get the ball and drive into the red zone with a chance to win it and the Titans' defense will get the job done.