Predicting every Chargers game outcome after the 2023 bye week

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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Week 14 vs Denver Broncos: Win

The Chargers are inducting Antonio Gates into the team's Hall of Fame on this day, there is no way that the Bolts can lose. Gates aside, at this point in the year Sean Payton might be purposefully losing so that he can coach Caleb Williams next year while the Chargers will actually be in the hunt for a wild card spot. The Chargers will win a shootout to move to 7-6.

Week 15 at Las Vegas Raiders: Win

The second half of the Raiders game in Week 4 was very ugly and that might have Chargers fans worried about this game. While the Bolts got help in facing a rookie quarterback, the team also had a lot of its own players out as well. As long as the Chargers are healthy, they should be able to beat a Raiders team that should be in disarray by the time Week 15 rolls around.

Week 16 vs Buffalo Bills: Loss

The Chargers will be 8-6 heading into this game and the story will be that a win over the Bills could cement them as a true playoff team. While it would be great, the Bills might be the best team in the AFC and Josh Allen should have a field day against this defense. Instead of jumping to 8-6, the Bolts fall to 8-7.

Week 17 at Denver Broncos: Win

Denver is a very hard place to place in January but it is made easier when the team might have given up at this point in the season. The Bolts were unable to beat the Broncos in a pointless Week 18 game last season and will hopefully have a different outcome this time around. A win here would give the Chargers a chance to repeat last season's win total.

Week 18 vs Kansas City Chiefs: Loss

Call us pessimistic but it is hard to predict this Chargers team with how it has looked in four games to beat the Chiefs. If the Chargers can somehow reinvent themselves throughout the year then maybe there is a chance. But it is more likely that the Bolts will once again be swept by Kansas City in the regular season.

The hope has to be that the Chargers don't need a win to get into the playoffs in Week 18. This would give the Chargers a final record of 9-8, which theoretically should be enough to sneak into a playoff spot with the way the AFC is already going.