Predicting every Chargers game outcome after the 2023 bye week

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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Week 9 at New York Jets: Win

This game looked a lot harder on the schedule back in August when Aaron Rodgers was supposed to play. Without Rodgers, the Jets are a one-dimensional team that has a great defense but a sputtering offense. Justin Herbert and the Chargers are good enough to overcome New York's talented defense to move back to .500 on the season.

Week 10 vs Detroit Lions: Win

This will come as a surprise to many fans as the Chargers have a bad defense and the Lions have a great offense. That being said, Brandon Staley and the Vic Fangio-style defense traditionally puts Jared Goff in a blender. This feels similar to last season's Miami Dolphins game where everyone will pile on the Lions only for Staley to pull out the most surprising defensive masterclass ever to move to 5-4.

Week 11 at Green Bay Packers: Loss

After beating the Lions in an entertaining game the Chargers will have to travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. Lambeau is an impossible place to play and while the Chargers have more talent, Jordan Love might have the game of his rookie season against this defense. Staley's masterclass will only last one week as the Chargers will fall back to 5-5.

Week 12 vs Baltimore Ravens: Loss

Anytime that Staley has come up against one of the great legacy head coaches (like John Harbaugh) he has been significantly outcoached. Staley has not lost all of these games but his track record is not great. This will be a coaching win for the Ravens on the road and will put the Chargers back under .500 at 5-6.

Week 13 at New England Patriots: Win

Bill Belichick is the definition of a legacy coach and Foxborough is a very hard place to play late in the season. That being said, Mac Jones legitimately looks broken and even he might not be able to have a big day against this Chargers defense. This will be a slog that will force Justin Herbert to make a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter. He will deliver to keep the playoff hopes alive at 6-6.