Predicting the Chargers' final nine games after clawing back to .500

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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Week 13 at New England Patriots: Chargers win

This was a game that many fans drew up as a trap game for the Chargers before the season started. Now that we have nine weeks of a sample size, as well as some future predictions, it is clear that this will not be a trap game at all for the Bolts.

First of all, Mac Jones is one of the five-worst starting quarterbacks in the league this season. If Staley has proven anything as a defensive head coach it is that he can make life hard for bad quarterbacks. That is what is going to happen in this game.

Plus, the Patriots are not the same daunting team that everyone thought they might be before the season. When this game is eventually played, it will probably help the Patriots more to lose rather than to play spoiler and win.

Week 14 vs Denver Broncos: Chargers win

C'mon! The Chargers cannot lose on the day when the team is going to induct Antonio Gates into the Chargers Hall of Fame! The Broncos are a feisty team that will play the Chargers closer than fans are comfortable with but at the end of the day, Justin Herbert has never lost to the Broncos at SoFi Stadium.

Two consecutive wins for the Bolts will put the team over .500 for the first time all season, giving the Chargers a 7-6 record with four more games to play.