Predicting the outcome of every Chargers game after the bye week

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers
Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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Week 15 vs Tennessee Titans: 27-20, WIN

Things will start to come together for the Chargers in Week 15. This feels like a safe spot to predict Mike Williams to return. It might be a bit further than the estimated time to come back but as we always see with this team, it usually takes a week or two longer than they tell us.

Joey Bosa could also be back in the fold by Week 15, which is a massive addition to this defense. The ability to get pressure on the quarterback with just four rushers is what this defense desperately lacks right now.

This feels like it will be similar to the Week 1 game against the Raiders. Justin Herbert and the Chargers' offense will be just good enough, while Ryan Tannehill's mistakes will ultimately negate a big Derrick Henry game and cost the Titans the game. At this point, the Chargers would be 8-6.

Week 16 at Indianapolis Colts: 34-18 WIN

It is going to take 16 weeks but the Chargers will finally get their first definitive win of the season in Week 16 against a bad Indianapolis Colts team. Think the Chargers' 4-3 record is deceiving? The Colts might be one of the worst teams in the entire league and they are still in the playoff hunt.

The season will essentially be over for the Colts at this point, regardless of who is at quarterback. They will be worried more about their draft position at this point. By my calculations, they will be 4-9-1 at this point in the season. 5-8-1 at best.

The Chargers will also likely be the healthiest that they will be all year, giving them an easy edge over the Colts to move to 9-6.