Predicting where each Chargers free agent signs this offseason

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Joshua Kelley: Colts

Joshua Kelley didn't really do that much last season to have other teams lining up to sign him next season. Even though he is young, he too could be forced into retirement from a simple lack of interest from other teams in the league.

That being said, Kelley can at least get a training camp invite and work to be on a team's practice squad next season. Of all the possibilities for Kelley, the destination that makes the most sense is the Indianapolis Colts.

Colts head coach Shane Steichen coached Kelley in his rookie season and that familiarity may lead the Colts to sign Kelley as a RB3/practice squad option.

Jalen Guyton: Broncos

Jalen Guyton is another player who may not be on the league next season but if he is, the Denver Broncos make sense as team that might take a chance on him as a back-end roster player. Guyton didn't do much of anything last season and the perception of him being a speed threat is gone, but he has ties to Denver that could help him.

Joe Lombardi is still the offensive coordinator in Denver and say what you will about Lombardi, he had Guyton playing the best football of his career in 2021. With Denver in a cap crunch, a cheap back-end flier like Guyton makes a lot of sense.

Austin Johnson: Packers

You can just throw a dart at a board to try and guess where Austin Johnson is going to end up but we landed on the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay is a team that struggled against the run last season and needs to add nose tackle depth this offseason.

Johnson was underwhelming in LA but at the very least he is a serviceable run-defender. As a rotational nose tackle who plays early downs, Johnson makes a lot of sense to be a cheap signing for the Packers (or one of the several teams that have the exact same needs as Green Bay).