Predicting where each Chargers free agent signs this offseason

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Michael Davis: Dolphins

Michael Davis was so bad last season that it would not be surprising if no team takes a chance on him and he ends up being forced into retirement. It is not that uncommon for one of the worst coverage corners in the sport to be forced into retirement, especially when he is on the wrong side of 30.

That being said, if Davis is going to stick around in the league it will probably have to be with a team that he has ties to. Brandon Staley never seemed to be the biggest fan of Davis, so him going to the San Francisco 49ers seems unlikely.

However, he has ties to Renaldo Hill in Miami that can get him one more chance at an NFL roster. Hill coached Davis in Los Angeles and is now the pass game coordinator and defensive backs coach for the Dolphins. Miami could use a long, speedy corner to add depth to the secondary and Davis had the best year of his career while Hill was the defensive coordinator in LA.

Easton Stick: Chargers

Easton Stick didn't really prove to be capable of being a backup quarterback in the NFL. However, Justin Herbert has more pull than anyone else in the franchise and Herbert seemingly has a great relationship with Stick.

The Chargers re-hired Shane Day to be the team's quarterbacks coach because of his relationship to Herbert so there is no doubt they would sign Stick to a minimum deal to be Herbert's backup if that is what he wants.

No other team is going to go after Stick and with so many other needs, the Chargers are unlikely to spend a draft pick or the cap space to sign a backup in free agency. Thus, the team is firmly backed into the Stick corner, and Herbert will be happy about it.