Predicting where each Chargers free agent signs this offseason

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Kenneth Murray: Chargers

The Chargers might end up re-signing Kenneth Murray out of pure necessity. As it stands right now there is not a single linebacker on the roster with NFL starting experience and unless the Chargers want to draft a linebacker in the first two rounds, it is hard to see how the Bolts are going to fill two spots.

The Chargers need to add at least two somewhat viable linebackers this offseason. One of them can come via Murray, who is going to be available at the league minimum and may favor a return to the Chargers as he would not have to move.

Murray alone is nowhere close to being enough as the team still needs to sign another discount linebacker or potentially draft one in the third or fourth round. But bringing him back is at least a start, even if it is an underwhelming one.

Eric Kendricks: Cowboys

Eric Kendricks was just cut by the Chargers to free up salary cap space ahead of free agency. The veteran linebacker was okay last season but he was not worth the cap hit and the team was far better off getting more cap space than keeping him.

Now, the best destination for Kendricks is a playoff team that needs a third linebacker on the depth chart that can serve the role of rotational veteran. Out of the potential candidates, the Dallas Cowboys make the most sense, especially for a veteran like Kendricks who wants to contend.