Predicting Chargers' next moves with the team's remaining salary-cap space

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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2. Chargers sign a cheap wide receiver, preferably who can be a returner

As it stands right now the LA Chargers only have three wide receivers on the roster. Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Joshua Palmer are the only receivers the team has and it desperately needs to add more depth to that receiver room.

The Bolts have made the silly decision to only carry five active receivers over the last two years. Hopefully, with there only being one backup quarterback, the Bolts wise up and carry six active receivers like most teams in the league. But that might be a bit too much to ask considering they would need to double the current number of receivers.

In a perfect world, the Chargers would sign a cheap wide receiver in free agency, trade down in the 2023 NFL Draft and take two wide receivers to give the team long-term depth. That would get the wide receiver room up to six.

Los Angeles cannot wait until the draft to bring in more receiver help, though. They need to bring in someone now who can provide depth and potentially even have the ability to return kicks in 2023.

Perhaps that means the team will re-sign DeAndre Carter. Carter was good in special teams and while he had his shortcomings on offense, he was never meant to have as big of a role as he did. There are also other candidates such as Isaiah McKenzie, who was just released by the Bills and would be perfect in LA.