3 positives to take away from disastrous 2023 Chargers season

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers have one more game to play in the 2023 season and it will be a completely pointless game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Los Angeles' season has unofficially been over for a month while the Chiefs have absolutely nothing to play for and will be playing their backups.

If anything, the final game of the season provides a sense of relief for Chargers fans. Just about everything that could have gone wrong this season has gone wrong for the Bolts and fans are excited to turn the page.

While the season has mostly been negative for the Bolts, there are some positives that have come out of the 2023 season. If the Chargers make the right coaching hire and have a good 2024 draft class then these positives from 2023 could play a big role in 2024 success.

3 positives to take from away from disastrous 2023 Chargers season:

1. The Chargers hit a home run on Tuli Tuipulotu

While he started to quiet down a bit as the season dragged along, Tuli Tuipulotu burst onto the scene with the Chargers and instantly became the best rookie that the team took in the 2023 NFL Draft After missing on Quentin Johnston in round one, snagging an impact player like Tuipulotu in the second round was huge.

Tuipulotu is only going to get better with more time in the league and the Chargers can rest easy knowing that they got an above-average edge rusher. That helps bring so much clarity to the future of the Chargers as there are some questions that need to be answered this offseason.

Despite his great season, Khalil Mack is the favorite to be cut or traded in the offseason so the Chargers can get back under the cap. That decision would be much harder to make if Tuipulotu wasn't waiting in the wings to take over for Mack opposite of Joey Bosa.