4 positions the Chargers will regret not trading for at the deadline

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Chargers will regret not trading for a cornerback

It is hard to add quality cornerback depth at the trade deadline so the Chargers have a bit more of an excuse with this one than the other positions in this article. While talented players like Jaylon Johnson were on the market, they would have cost a premium price and the Chargers simply didn't have the means to pull that off.

Could the Chargers have pulled off a trade like the Kevin Byard trade to bolster the secondary? Absolutely. Byard is a safety so he does not directly apply here, but something could have been done if Tom Telesco actually tried hard enough like Howie Roseman.

Instead, the only thing the Chargers have done to the cornerback position is trade away J.C. Jackson. Los Angeles is all-in on a group of guys who are not playing very well and do not mesh well at all with the defense that Brandon Staley is trying to run.

Asante Samuel Jr. is the bright spot of the room and he hasn't necessarily been anything special this season. Ja'Sir Taylor has struggled in coverage at times and Michael Davis is having the worst season of his entire career.

This has been an extremely bad secondary and instead of adding any kind of help, the Chargers are just hoping that it will figure itself out as the season goes along.