4 positions the Chargers will regret not trading for at the deadline

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Chargers will regret not trading for a wide receiver

The need for a wide receiver is not as pressing as tight end. In fact, the fanbase is split about whether or not the Chargers really need to add a receiver. After all, Jalen Guyton should be returning in the next two weeks and the team still has to develop Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis.

All that being said, the Chargers are playing a dangerous game not adding any receiver depth at the deadline. Like at tight end, the team didn't need to add a superstar wide out to the mix to make it work. The team simply needed to add depth to help keep the house of cards from collapsing in the future.

The Chargers receiver room currently consists of a 31-year-old who is being double-teamed with Mike Williams out, a third-year wideout with a knee injury, a rookie who has been very disappointing thus far, another rookie who is only used on gadget plays, and a one-dimensional speed option who is coming off of a torn ACL and hasn't played professional football in 13 months.

Those are a lot of negative variables around this Chargers wide receiver room. Is there a world in which is stays together and doesn't end up being an issue at all for the team? Sure, that is certainly conceivable.

But don't be surprised if the Chargers are yet again faced with adversity at wide receiver and the team has to turn to guys like Simi Fehoko or Keelan Doss to play meaningful snaps like John Hightower and Michael Bandy had to last season.