4 positions the Chargers will regret not trading for at the deadline

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The LA Chargers stuck to their typical ways at the 2023 trade deadline and did not make a trade for incoming talent. The Chargers have not added talent at the deadline since 2013, which stands as the only time GM Tom Telesco has traded for someone in-season.

This was surprising as the front office made it very obvious during the 2023 offseason that they were operating with their jobs on the line this season. If the Bolts cannot pull off a solid season in 2023 then Telesco might get the boot along with Brandon Staley.

But alas, the Chargers continued with the status quo. Chances are the team will regret that decision as several positions very obviously needed help.

Chargers will regret not trading for a tight end

This was the most obvious need that the Chargers had to fill and what makes it even more frustrating is the fact that it would not have taken much to fill this need. The Chargers didn't need to go out and trade for Kyle Pitts (even though fans on social media wanted that). All the team needed to do was add a cheap blocking tight end.

The lack of quality blockers in the tight end room is a big reason why the Chargers' run game is struggling this season. It has been so bad that 2021 third-round pick Tre' McKitty got waived by the team before even finishing his third season as a pro.

With speculation around guys like Hunter Henry being available, it was frustrating to see the Chargers do absolutely nothing at the position. Tight end has been an obvious need for this team dating back to the 2023 NFL Draft yet the front office continues to ignore it.