3 positions Chargers could draft in first round of 2024 NFL Draft (and 2 to avoid)

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Chargers could draft a defensive lineman in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft

This is easily the most improbable of the "could draft" category but it is at least in the realm of possibility so it is worth mentioning. The Chargers definitely need help on the defensive line and the need is big enough to justify an early pick.

There is a world in which Bowers and the elite cornerbacks in the first round are off the board when the Chargers are picking. If that is the case, it likely means that a great defensive line prospect (whether it be interior or on the edge) fell to the Chargers. In that case, the selection would make far more sense than a receiver or a lineman.

There are a lot of unknowns with the defensive line heading into next season. Austin Johnson is a free agent and Sebastian Joseph-Day could be cut for cap reasons. The Chargers may need a starting-caliber defensive tackle in the building for next season.

There is also the futures of Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa. Mack seemed like a lock to be cut for cap reasons but with the way he is playing this season, he is making that decision hard. That could prompt the team to instead trade Joey Bosa and try to recoup some value for him while also saving cap space.

Los Angeles has Tuli Tuipulotu to fill in any gaps but if there is a great edge rusher on the board they very well could take them with the intention of playing Tuipulotu more on the inside. There are many different directions this could take.

Either way, it would have to take someone special like Laiatu Latu or Jer'Zhan Newton falling to the Chargers for this to even be a possibility.

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