3 positions Chargers could draft in first round of 2024 NFL Draft (and 2 to avoid)

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Chargers could draft a cornerback in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft

This is by far the biggest need that the Chargers have in the 2024 NFL Draft and should be considered the runaway favorite to be the team's first-round pick. The cornerback situation is looking very bleak for the Bolts and the only way to solve it is to take one of the elite corners in the first round.

Cornerback is one of the positions where it can be harder to land a true impact player later in the draft. Finding a corner that can step in and make an impact in his rookie season is even harder later in the draft. It is not impossible, but the drop-off is steep and should prompt the Chargers to take a corner in round one.

Michael Davis has been horrendous this season and won't be on the team next season as he is hitting free agency. J.C. Jackson is obviously gone and the corners the Chargers do have on the team are less than ideal.

Asante Samuel Jr. has taken a step back this season and while he does have positive parts of his game, he is not the CB1-quality corner that Chargers fans thought he would blossom into. Ja'Sir Taylor has struggled with consistency this year and behind those two, all the Chargers really have are replacement-level players.

The Chargers need someone who can not only step in and be the CB1 right away in his rookie season but can lead this cornerback room in the future. That makes corner the most obvious first-round selection for the Bolts.